Business Feature | Woodcut Workshop Co.

Meet: Woodcut Workshop Co.

It all began with a passion to create. Laura (also the Laura of Poppin' Pallets Inc. - featured on The Refinery Co. blog), majored in fine arts with a focus on print making, sculpture installation design, and painting. Shortly after graduating college she landed her dream job doing visuals,  merchandising, building, and sculpture installation (AHHH-MAZING, right?!). Laura also ran some business aspects of the store and used new tools/building strategies in her job. 

During this season Laura experienced a lot of transition. New life post graduation, new job, and new guy (not just any...she met THE guy and shortly after got engaged)! Laura began dreaming more about the future. "It was a season of continual building. The Lord challenged me to establish my priorities," she tells us. 

"It was a season of continual building.
The Lord challenged me to
establish my priorities."


On paper Laura was "living the dream," but in reality it was costing her. She couldn’t invest in the things she wanted to because she was too focused on building and keeping her career in retail. Battling extreme anxiety, she was scared to leave what was comfortable. On the way home from a trip in Michigan, Laura shared with her Poppin' Pallets business partner Lauryn all the things on her heart. "I'll never forget when Lauryn just looked at me said, 'JUST QUIT YOUR JOB!' I couldn't fathom that," Laura says to us. Taking a major step in faith to pursue the desires of her heart, Laura left the job she loved and was comfortable doing to embark on her passion project full-time. Woodcut Workshop Co. was born.

"Up to this point I couldn't stop. I booked everything in my life on the hour and I couldn’t be alone. I hated hanging out with myself (and still do). I know God put me in a position to face anxiety and be alone during this transition. I knew what I needed to do. I had to fill time with God and commune with Him. I needed to build a life and routine upon Him." -Laura

The biggest phrase Laura heard God say during this season was “STOP AND ..." ( yes, literally, dot-dot-dot). God was teaching Laura a lesson through an ellipsis. "I realized if you don’t stop, you can’t see what’s around you. You become so busy you prevent allowing the Lord to move. The moment I finally would "STOP AND ..." was the moment I let God do something bigger: The moment Poppin' Pallets grew, the moment I could see beyond myself, the moment my relationships strengthened. I had time to invest in what mattered most- God, my fiance, family, and my dreams." 

The moment I would finally "STOP AND..."
was the moment I let God do something bigger. 


 Laura is most satisfied taking something from scratch to finish. "A lot of wood I have is scrap wood. Things people would throw away. Taking something old, transforming it, and making something new and beautiful is my heartbeat. This wood has a story, and it's my story too,"  she says to us. 

"Taking something old, transforming it,
and making something new and beautiful
is my heartbeat. This wood has a story
and it's my story too." 


Laura took a major step launching this business in faith. And as she sells her wooden creations, the orders just keep flooding in from all over the country! Her story is truly amazing. The way she stewards her gifts and time to bring glory to God inspires us. It is evident each season and step in her journey led her to this moment. 

We are so excited for all that God has in store through Woodcut Workshop Co., and ask you to join us in prayer as Laura launches into 2018! 


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