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Meet: Danielle Sertic of 9611 Flowers

She sips a cup of coffee, brightly beaming about her journey as a florist. Danielle is pure joy & all smiles as we discuss her journey as a self-taught entrepreneur, the "why" behind her business, and her vision for 9611 Flowers. 

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It was 2 years ago when 9611 Flowers fully took bloom. Danielle launched with a mission to love & serve others, especially brides. "It was scary at first, but I prayed for drive, confidence, & determination - God showed up! Trial & error, late nights, and lots of coffee later, this business venture is more than I could've ever imagined."

Danielle was a full-time nanny when she experienced costly, difficult challenges during floral planning for her own wedding.  Little did she know - this experience would turn into a powerful redemptive story leading to a passion project & business venture - 9611 Flowers. "The floral aspect of a bride's big day should not be a huge cost or added accessory, but a romantic touch that’s an extension of who you are. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to have your dream!" 

The core values of Danielle's business are affordability and relationship. She wants to assure brides that they are loved & cared for first, and spends time developing relationship with her clients. Not only does she want to provide exceptional service, but an exceptional experience. 

Within 2 sips of our coffee, it becomes clear Danielle's spiritual gift is the gift of hospitality. Literally ya'll, her generous spirit is fueled by hospitality that simply overflows! We were totally blown away how 9611 Flowers has become a ministry. 

It takes courage -
why not give all glory to the Lord?

"I wanted their to be meaning behind this. Not just florals. I want to share light and hope. It takes courage - why not give all glory to the Lord? I'm always thinking about planting a seed & sharing the hope I have. I always pray before my bridal meetings, 'Use me Lord - if it doesn’t go the way I envisioned, I hope your light can shine through me.'  And even as I pray over brides & marriages on their wedding day, I realize there is incredible power in this process. It's not about profit or selling extravagance. I know I'm doing something much greater." 

Danielle's relational capacity is unprecedented, ya'll! 

"Beyond my hands constructing florals, when I’m around people I feel fed. And even more, when I’m constructing flowers and people come to help, I get teary every time. The community around building and creating is beautiful."

The community around
building & creating is beautiful.

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Since we love the Enneagram, we had to ask Danielle what her type is. To no surprise, Danielle is a Type 2, also known as The Helper. She tells us what it's like learning & overcoming the strengths and challenges of her personality. 

Throughout this year, I needed to overcome my tendency to be ultra-sensitive. Sometimes I was overtaken by my people-pleasing, 'wanting-everyone-to-feel-loved-and-invited' tendencies. Being really raw & honest, sometimes I would struggle when I got feedback that may have seemed negative, often because I could not handle the idea of disappointing someone, even in the most minor detail, and somehow I would convince myself I failed entirely. 

Running 9611 Flowers, I've learned how to have realistic expectations of myself & others. I've strengthened & enhanced my 'people skills' and communication dramatically! There have been lessons learned & challenges faced. It's all shown me there is value when I slow down & become super intentional with my clients, especially when enthusiasm & ideas are flying around. At bridal meetings I pay extra careful attention to hear all the different aspects, every single detail, so that I may not miss a detail or skip a beat. I've become super detail oriented!

I want to be grace giving & manage a business that continues to flourish, grow, and bloom. How amazing is it that the Lord is doing the same work in me, too!?

It's all shown me there is value
when I slow down
& become super intentional. 


Danielle is a visionary, and her dreams for 9611 Flowers are beautiful. 

"Whether it’s a corporate event or a church gathering or a baby shower at a downtown restaurant, it’s so important to me to connect and be relational always. Weddings are a integral part of my business, but eventually, if I can continue to be a good steward/manager of my time & treasure, I’d LOVE to open a floral shop!


One day if I'm blessed to open this shop, this place would be a breath of fresh air - a place where people can hang & strike up a conversation. Some city spaces are so trendy & intimidating - sometimes you feel like you have to measure up to the trendy - and I just want a judgment free zone. I’d love to host events and even teach people how to create a floral box or arrangement. 

You know, everyone says home is 'the safe space.' Growing up I had such a great home life & example. My mom made our home a place of security & peace. But I know that's not the case for everyone. I'd want this space to be a place of refuge - where people come get flowers but they go out with their life poured into, knowing they are loved. Whatever they need or feel, I want to bring them a comfortable, safe space.

If I had the opportunity to grow, I’d love to bring in single moms/girls that have a tough home life and just nuture them. I want them to come alongside me. I could teach them the business and they could be my partner!

As a follower of Jesus, I think a lot about The Great Commission - using my gifts to be a 'fisher of men/women.' If I have the florals at my disposal then there’s so much I can do!" 

If I have florals at my disposal,
then there's so much I can do!


My hubby always says how cool would it be to have a floral/coffee shop side by side? He'd run the coffee, I'd run the florals. Come have a cup of coffee & leave with a beautiful bouquet! 

Ideally and prayerfully this is what Danielle is striving towards. She tells us it's still a baby, but there is power in prayer.

I’m just leaning on the Lord and I’m following those whispers that He’s saying in those moments when I question ‘should I be doing this?’ He’s proven himself time and time again in conversations, weddings, results from experiences, even this moment sitting down with you. I know I’m doing a good thing.


As we wrapped up coffee, Danielle tells us the meaning behind her name, 9611 Flowers. The numbers 9611 were inspired by Psalm 96: 11-13, 

Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad;
let the sea resound, and all that is in it.
Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them;
let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.
Let all creation rejoice before the Lord,
for he comes, he comes to judge the earth.

Danielle is the real deal. A heart of gold! Join us as we pray for her business to bloom over the coming year, and that God will get all the glory!

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special thanks to our gal Jessica MacDonald for taking these lovely photos!