Business Feature | Poppin' Pallets Inc.

Meet: Poppin' Pallets Inc. 

Lauryn is an ideator who implements strategic vision. Laura is a creative who loves to works with her hands. Together they are an inseparable dynamic duo and the founders of Poppin' Pallets, Inc. 

Poppin' Pallets, Inc. formed on an annual road trip to a Michigan cottage, when one of them said, “We could pop some pallets…..Poppin’ Pallets!” And the rest is history. 


Laura used to teach canvas party classes. With just 1 instructor to 40 people working on the same painting, Laura knew the classes were overwhelming and impersonal. People wanted her to teach the classes, but she wanted to offer them more - a cozy, communal environment for folks to work on custom pieces. 

Both of them are entrepreneurial spirits with a love for others, art, and the Lord. Though they have unique talents and gifts, they are similar in how they operate. From a young age, they were taught to learn a skill, teach others how to do it, and make money by teaching others that skill.

"Our vision was to try it," Lauryn says. "We could have never imagined in a million years this would be a thing. We both worked full time. Our first party we threw just for our friends. We built the pallets, brought the paint and thought here we go! After our first party we got a lot of inquiries right away. Even though our capacity at the time was only 1-2 parties per month, we were so excited."

Since they formed in September of 2016, Poppin' Pallets continues to blossom beyond their wildest dreams. 

As Laura mentions, "People are passionate about painting on their terms. Wood is trendy, natural, and everyone wants it! In fact lots of people who host parties are people who've been to our parties." Even after 10 minutes of conversation with Laura & Lauryn, it's obvious that Poppin' Pallets not only meets a demand, but a desire in their hearts to serve others. This is more than a business - it is a ministry. 

People are passionate about
painting on their terms.

Lauryn & Laura recognize the wonderful platform they have to speak and serve not just party guests, but each party hostess. "We bring it all—our paint, supplies, and garbage bags. We even take our own garbage with us. We don’t want the hostess to do anything. This is a night for us to serve! We help with paint, water and brushes. We dry the pallets. We want each woman to fully relax and enjoy their evening. We love when people get together around the table and have conversation." 


Both Lauryn & Laura steward their gift of hospitality with such grace, showing compassion towards others. "Who knows what their day was like before they walked in the door. We serve a lot of hard working mommas, and it is such a privilege to love them and give them a place to breathe, create, and relax." says Lauryn. 

We love when people get together around
the table and have conversation.

Each party they host gets a Facebook page, where they post 5-6 creative ways to make a pallet. "We encourage people to come prepared. Little did we know how intentional and personal this process would become. A lot of times people sketch a quote on their pallet in memory of a loved one, or sketch a promise in scripture they're clinging to in a tough season," Laura mentions. This is about more than purchasing a pretty wooden piece from Hobby Lobby. It's healing hearts. There is power in art therapy to transform lives. 

Laura looks over at us jubilantly and says, "Everyone can paint!! It’s really a technique you learn how to do. So we teach a technique and provide an experience. There’s something powerful that happens when you empower women through this process. We help women sketch designs, but teach them to embrace free hand painting." 

There are many layers to this beautiful business. We were amazed how God was blessing the work of their hands. Both respond to us, "God is always steps ahead of us, and the doors to new opportunities continue swinging open. Our vision is here, but God’s vision is so much greater, and we’re trying to keep up with Him! 

"Our vision is here, but God's vision is so
much greater, and we're trying to keep up with Him!"

The vision and heartbeat for Poppin' Pallets is in-home parties where they love to connect with customers most personally. But as God opens new opportunities, Laura & Lauryn are expanding their horizons and bringing Poppin' Pallets to new settings with broader communities. They are prayerfully seeking work with more ministries, churches, non-profits, and organizations. Most of all, they are excited to release the journey to God, and give Him all the glory. Join us as we pray for Poppin' Pallets in 2018! 


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