Business Feature: Paige Adams

Meet: Paige Adams


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am from a small town in Hickory, North Carolina and then eventually went to college in California. I am a homebody and love being with my family. Once my husband and I got married we moved to Illinois for him to pursue a position at Harvest Bible Chapel as a youth pastor. We moved here 2 years ago and this is where I started my business. 

What inspires you?

I get inspired by women who have dreams and make it a reality. I love seeing women who I know and respect take action and pursue what the Lord has called them to do. That is what inspires me the most. 

What are two things you’ve learned since beginning your small business?

I have learned that building a business and customer base takes time and that I have to be patient with the process. 


What would you say to other women as they pursue their call to create? Do you see yourself as a creative?


I would say to follow other entrepreneurs that are in the same field for ideas and to build relationships with them. Step outside of your comfort zone! 
I would call myself a creative because in an industry with women selling the same thing you have to make your business your own and make it you. So I have to be creative and be different from others who are selling the same thing. I always think “why do they want to buy from me?” 

We believe we're better together. Why do you think it's important for women to encourage one another & build each other up?

We are called to love one another and especially as women it is so easy to compare yourself to another woman and feel defeated. It’s so important for us to cheer one another on and support each other with our dreams! 


In 2 years, where do you see your small business. What do you dream and envision?!

I hope and dream that I have a team of my own. It’s been a little under a year and have girls interested in pursuing a business under me but have not pulled the trigger. My goal is to have 50 girls under me on my team by next April so who knows how many in 2 years?!