Business Feature: Nourish with Holly

Meet: Holly Ruge

Tell us a bit about yourself.

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Hi, I’m Holly 😊. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, married to my true love and best friend Mike. I love Jesus, sharing life and good food with loved ones and stewarding my body with functional fitness.

My husband and I love and serve at Harvest Bible Chapel, our church home, where I’ve had the privilege to lead a Women’s Fitness ministry for almost 10 years. Being a pastors wife is a calling in itself, and one I cherish. But I also believe the Lord has called me to more and this journey has been an exciting one!

What inspired you to launch Nourish with Holly?

I believe everyone has a story and I believe God created mine.

He’s brought me on a journey in life that I wouldn’t have chosen (but know there is a plan and purpose for it) and I trust He wants to use it for His good and His glory. He’s woven my background in Kinesiology, Fitness, Health Coaching and Esthetics/Skin Care into a beautiful story… He has given me a heart for women’s health and through my ministry experience have grown a desire to speak into the hearts of women, by being real and authentic.

Nourish with Holly culminated out of my own health struggles, past and present. On this journey, the Lord has taught me so much about physical stewardship, how we were fearfully and wonderfully made, how our bodies are to be nourished and cherished and glorify God…and believe He now wants me to share what I have learned with others.

Tell us 2 things you've learned since beginning Nourish with Holly. 

#1 — I’ve learned to enjoy the process… in our world we are so impatient and want results now. But there’s joy in the process, there’s joy in the waiting, which makes all the more joy in the outcome.

#2 — We are more alike than we think. As I’ve journeyed with women and hear their unique stories, there are so many parallels and intersections of life that we’ve all encountered that connect us in ways we thought (at least for a time) isolated us.

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Let's talk about mindfulness. What would you say to other women as they pursue their call to create? Do you see yourself as a creative?

There is a plethora of ways to be creative in life and finding your niche is where you’ll flourish! In my journey, I’ve found the path to health and healing is a creative process. Which has grown my love to create in the kitchen. I love to cook, I love to eat (#foodie) and I love to cook for people, entertain and make them feel at home.

Even though this world is not our home, we crave that sense of comfort, a place to call home… and even feeling at home in our own skin can be difficult, so in my journey with women I love to help them create ways feel at home in their own skin, so they feel at home anywhere.

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Refinery Co. Tribe believes we're better together.
Why do you think it's important for women to encourage one another & build each other up?

I grew up having guy friends because I could not stand cattiness with women. As I got older and began to see past the cattiness as an insecurity some women had, my heart grew towards compassion. I started to see the beauty in each woman and long for chains to be broken in the struggle most women have to see the beauty in themselves.

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone and we as women have so much to offer each other to encourage, strengthen and build one another up… we’re a force to be reckoned with when we bond in unity.

In 2 years, tell us where you see Nourish with Holly. What do you dream & envision?!

I see NWH growing to reach more women through various platforms. My blog is in the works and I have dreams (#spoileralert) of starting a NWH Podcast. I stay open to where the Lord leads with NWH, as He’s brought me to places I didn’t think I’d be thus far. Each of our journeys and stories are so amazing, so sometimes I feel like I’m just here for the ride!