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This month we're excited to feature women we look up to, Laura Irion & Laura Peacock of Laura Design Co.!  First class in their craft, these women are intentional architects & interior designers who exude passion & purpose. We simply love their hearts & work! 

Read their story below.

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  • Tell us about your journey as interior designers.

Laura Irion:  Our careers in design began just after completing our bachelor’s degrees (in interior design and fashion merchandising, respectively), but we were just talking the other day about how we can trace our love for this work back to childhood. Laura Peacock remembers pouring over plans at her dad’s drafting table, and I remember designing my bedroom at age 13.

It was all black and white (no surprise) with bright hits of red throughout the room. Modern wave lamps, abstract art...I even had a fish tank with white rocks, black plants and a red dragon that I stocked with zebra fish. Ah, the 90’s!

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  • It must have taken great courage to launch your own business (Laura Design Co.)! What was this process like for you over the last few years?

Laura Peacock:  We always called the first three years our “foundational years.” We realized very early on that a strong foundation of systems and processes was going to be important, so we’ve worked to develop those. We also explored many different kinds of projects, so that we could refine what type of work we’re the most passionate about. We really started earlier than we were “ready,” because we both had little ones at home with us at the time.

But we agreed there’s probably no good time to start a company, and that we could use those early years to develop a concrete foundation. This way we would have most of the growing pains behind us when we were ready to devote full-time hours to the business.

  • As a creative, describe your process working in a space with a client. What's your favorite part of this experience?

Laura Irion: The first step in our process is always a consultation. We think it’s really important for us to meet a client in their own space and for everyone to get to know each other face to face. Most of our projects can last 6 months or more, so it’s definitely entering into a relationship. From there we begin making Inspiration Boards, where we assess their style. It’s really fun to get into their heads and that’s when we get excited about bringing their vision to life. And after that, we have about a million details to pull together.

Laura Peacock: I always say our job is 10% design, 90% details and hard work. There are tons of logistics interior designers handle, from choosing the right type of sofa fabric for a client’s lifestyle, to making sure the height of their end tables is appropriate with the arm height of their chairs, to managing hundreds of purchases Every project takes a mind-blowing amount of attention to detail, but that is what makes them so successful.

Our job is 10% design, 90% details and hard work.
-Laura Peacock
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Laura Irion: I think this is where we get really passionate about the value of an interior designer. Normally when people go shopping for furniture, they choose one piece at a time. That’s a stressful way to do it, even for us! Or, when they’re approaching new construction, they build the house first and then think about how to furnish it once the last painter has left.

Our approach is to start with the end in mind. Instead of buying one piece at a time, we design an entire room up front, so we know that everything is going to flow and work well together.

We check the dimensions so we know everything is going to fit! And we make it really easy for our clients because we handle managing all of those purchases and putting it together. By far my favorite part is when all of that hard work is done, and the client comes in for the final reveal. Their reaction makes everything worth it!

Our approach is to start with the end in mind.
-Laura Irion
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  • Throughout your journey, how have you seen the Lord be faithful to you- both personally and professionally?

Laura Peacock: We feel like all we’re doing is putting one foot in front of the other through the doors that he’s opening. As we look back, we have no doubt that this has all been a gift from his hand. There are a lot of times that we will pause and just say, “How kind is the Lord, that we get to do a job we love this much?” We’re really grateful, and we don’t take the opportunities we’ve been given for granted.

He uses your business like a mirror to refine you.
-Laura Irion
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Laura Irion: Personally I would say that he uses your business like a mirror to refine you. It has a way of bringing all of your fears out in the open- fear of failure, fear of man- and making you surrender those to him. You realize just how much is out of your control, and that you have to rely on him daily for the strength, talent, and wisdom that you need to do the best job possible.

  • As a working momma, business owner, interior designer, and wife- what advice would you give to others, especially working mommas, seeking to juggle their responsibilities AND step out to launch a new business venture or passion project?

Laura Irion: It all comes down to priorities. You have to write out your non-negotiable convictions and the lifestyle goals you want to have. For example, Laura and I both agreed that we are going to be home and present for our kids when they come home from school.

We also don’t work on Sundays. We don’t text each other after 10 PM. Once you write them down, stick to them! Your business will have a way of becoming your 4th child, and it will be constantly in the forefront of your brain, demanding your attention. You have to be strong in your convictions about which hours of the day you will give to it, and which you will not.

Ya'll aren't these women just amazing?! Join us as we pray for them!
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