Creative Feature: Eva Winters

Meet: Eva Winters
Chicagoland Book Designer

Interview: Lauren France | Written By: Lilli Ferry


When I first met Eva Winters, I was already working on writing her story (I was sent an audio recording of the interview, which Lauren France conducted). My roommate attends her church and introduced us, and that’s when I told her I was writing about her. She embraced it fully, tucking a few strands of her pale red hair behind her left ear.

After listening to the interview, I decided that the red hair suits Eva well. She is honest, colorful, and sprightly. On first meeting her, I would never assume her to be an introvert; and with her glowing kindness and sweet smile, I would never guess that she had a season of deep disillusionment with the Church.

I became kind of desensitized to the Gospel in college, but then the Lord showed Himself to me in a fresh way.
— Eva

After graduating from a Christian college, Eva got a job doing graphic design in a local church. Though she had recently begun making her faith her own, the church she worked at led her to feel let down. She saw leaders preaching one thing from the stage and living a different way. Eva began to feel a kind of church fatigue; she didn’t understand how the Lord’s house could be so full of sinners.

I felt like I had handcuffs on.
— Eva

Eva knew she wasn’t supposed to be so disillusioned with the Lord’s people, and she desperately wanted to meet other believers in community, but struggled.

One night, Eva got on her knees and cried out to the Lord. She told Him that she would go against her own desires and stay where she was, though unsettled, if that was where He really wanted her. The next day, she received two new job offers. It was grace like she never experienced it before.

She ended up accepting a job close to her childhood home doing book design for a Christian publishing house. She felt like she had re-discovered the artistic community that she so flourished in during college.

It was the answer to a prayer I wasn’t even praying.
— Eva

Eva says that her inspiration comes from everywhere, as cliche as that sounds. Her childhood church had a strong focus on the Holy Spirit speaking to people, and so she listens to His voice for inspiration. Her friends, Pinterest, her family all make the inspiration list. And definitely the Bible.


Last year, Eva read the Bible in a year for the first time. It was her first time reading through the whole book, and she says it helped her faith grow. The spiritual discipline itself was difficult, she said, and there were definitely times when she fell behind, but that didn’t really matter. She was learning to hear the Lord’s voice in a new way: through Scripture, which is how He has spoken to people for thousands and thousands of years. It brought a new depth to her faith, as she learned how to read. She was amazed at the ways that such an old book could speak into her very-millennial existence.

Something that she’s learned in her creative process as she reads the Bible is that sometimes the Lord has to take things away before He can give something new.

An old source of inspiration has to fade for the new one to come in; an old page of the sketchbook must be torn out before a new image can be drawn.

If both my hands are filled, there’s no room for Him to give me anything else.
— Eva