Creative Feature: Erin Sather

Meet: Erin Sather


Tell us about yourself.

Well, if you're into the enneagram I am a 4w3. If you're into Myers Briggs I am a ENFP-T. I'm an extrovert. I love people and I love doing a lot of different things. I am a yes person (at times to a fault) and I have a problem saying no. I am creative with vision and coming up with ideas and then I love to let other people execute them and watch it come to fruition. I'm a mama to Beckett Fox and a wife to my high school sweetheart of 9 years, Daniel. We live in an old 1932 Sears home with our two cats, Kodak and Fuji. 

What is the heart/vision behind Cling & Peck, your photography business?

The heart beat behind Cling & Peck is about telling stories and leaving legacy through our work. Whether it's capturing a beautiful moment of the mother and father of the bride looking at each other during the ceremony with tears in their eyes or the groom in the way he looks at his bride for the very first time is something we feel very honored to do knowing that the visuals we capture may be looked at for generations to come.


What inspires you?

I love that God made it so easy for us humans to feel inspired. He gave us His Word, His creation, and His people to inspire us to live on mission for Him.  It's easy for me to get some copycat fake inspiration from Instagram and I get so lost in other people and want to mimic exactly what they do sometimes (hello, I'm a four and my weakness is envy) and that it can become a dangerous place for me to feel inspired. Getting away from social media and listening to my own thoughts and convictions and listening to the Spirit ultimately makes me most inspired. 

How has motherhood shaped your life as a woman called to create?

Motherhood has made me so excited to create a vision and mission behind our family. I want to live an intentional, deep, meaningful life and that desire has caused me to sit, think, pray, and ultimately be creative. The Holy Spirit has only fortified those creative thoughts and has been my Divine Inspiration for those ideas. 


Why are you passionate about natural living? Can you tell us more about this?

I love the motto "know better do better," because that's been my journey with natural living. As I have learned and researched and opened up my eyes to this way of living and experienced wellness in a whole new way I will not go back. I believe that we can be the gatekeepers of our homes and although we cannot control every toxic thing that gets into our system we can control what products come into our home. I also LOVE teaching that natural living can be simple, affordable, empowering and easy to incorporate. I love teaching women that it doesn't have to be this complicated overnight switch either. 


Refinery Co. Tribe believes we're better together.
Why do you think it's important for women to encourage one another & build each other up?

We were never designed to do life alone. As a culture, we have become more isolated than ever before. We may think we are "connected" by having social media and yet we wonder why we feel more alone than ever. I believe one of the solutions to that problem is  person to person, living, breathing interactions  because that's what we were designed for and created for. Heck, our bodies were made for Heaven and that's going to be the most glorious community gathering like never before; so we better get practice down here on Earth!