Artist Feature | Lindsey Mitchell

Meet: Lindsey Mitchell


Once a month we want to feature an artist/creative and talk with them about why they do what they do. This month, Jess is introducing her friend, Lindsey, to the Refinery Co. world! 

I have known Linds for what feels like forever. Our friendship was one of those that sort of came out of nowhere. Throughout high school we became close and Lindsey was one of my most favorite people. She just gets me. She's that friend you don't even have to say anything to, but they understand. The kind of friend that would stay up all night to hear you whine about whatever was going on in your life or gets you laughing so hard there are tears rolling down your face.

All this to say..... Lindsey is such a beautiful person - truly - inside and out. She also is an incredible artist. She's always painted, drawn, sculpted, for as long as I've known her - she breathes art. She studied Art at Meredith College in Raleigh/Durham, NC and is now working at Alamance Arts - an Arts Council that supports the visual arts, music, dance, theater, literary arts, and art education. She also paints commission pieces - which is what she is truly passionate about. I got the chance to ask Linds a few questions about her journey - check it out!

  • When did you start creating art? Why did you?

I’ve been creating since I was a little girl. You know how teachers ask students to write a sentence about what they want to be when they grow up? My answer was always “an artist” with a drawing of me holding a paint palette. I got more interested in art throughout middle school, and in high school I knew I wanted to study art in college. I think the freedom in creating is what captivated me. I didn’t have to use words to explain myself - it could be done with the weight of my brush stroke. The more I make art, the more addicted I am to the entire process.

©Lindsey Mitchell

©Lindsey Mitchell

  •  What is your heart/passion behind your art?

My heart/passion/motive is to tell stories. To say something about whatever I am painting that could not be explained any other way. It is amazing how art connects us and creates relationships that otherwise would not have been formed. This connection also fuels my passion for creating.

  • How has the Lord championed behind you as you’ve moved from doing it for fun - to doing it for a living(working your current job)/making money from it?

Looking back, it is astounding how God has provided opportunity after opportunity to bring me to where I am today. He has been faithful throughout it all, and He is constantly revealing to me how I can use this gift for His kingdom. Sometimes I get in a slump and I haven’t sold anything in a few weeks and all of a sudden, I get a huge commission from someone I barely know. It’s crazy - things like that remind me that I must keep painting as much as I can whether it seems “worth it” or not. He’s also led me to a great full time job at an arts council. I feel blessed to work in my field of interest and come home to create pieces on the side.

  • What has the Lord taught you in particular seasons, and how does that play out in your art?

Oh, wow. This one could be a novel. All in all, He has taught me that even though He’s blessed me with a talent, it is NOT all about me. It’s actually all about Him. I think it’s easy to lose focus of that and to be proud of we have done “ourselves” but no... it is all God. I hope my art reflects the joy and freedom of this.

©Lindsey Mitchell

©Lindsey Mitchell

  • What does creating art mean to you?

Creating art is something that I must do. I am simply not me if I’m not making art.

I create my works on canvas... but I try to remind myself that I - my life - is God’s canvas. He is painting us every single day, and our choices contribute to that painting. What image are we reflecting? Is it of Him?

To see more of Lindsey's art - go like her Facebook Page and follow her on Instagram. You will not regret it.