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Meet: Derek & Katelyn Drye
The Dryes

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What can we say? This dynamic duo transcends all borders & boundaries in music.
Their artistry is simply beautiful. Derek & Katelyn ooze creativity, love, & passion.

You've both been pursuing music uniquely & collectively. What do you enjoy most about making music together that you don't get to pursue while on the road or in the studio on your own?

Derek: It’s definitely a product of “we’re better together.” There’s a certain security that happens when we sing, write and perform together that wouldn’t happen by ourselves. Any artist can find that they naturally care about their art more than almost anyone else, simply because they created it.

Well, we both care deeply about our art and that gives us an opportunity to make each other’s ideas a reality. If we’re honest, the opposite is also true where we butt heads if we really feel strongly about an idea. Usually there’s a great middle ground or a way to test our ideas against each other. We find that that is how we work best.

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You've both been involved in many facets of music (from worship leading to songwriting to guitar playing to being a country artist & everything in between)! What have you found gives you the most energy & why? 

Katelyn: In different roles, we learn not to take it all so seriously. If we’re “one thing” for too long, sometimes it becomes a little much. While our platform of country music will be the same for a long time, I feel like we all need to give ourselves permission to try different things without those “things” being exactly who we are.

Derek: Outside of music is probably the best example - I love rock climbing and hanging with my dudes in Nashville. That gives me both energy and perspective. While we can give you reasons for why different roles played a part in our life under the umbrella of music, it’s what we do outside of music that keeps us grounded.

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It seems like this is the grand unveiling on something ya'll have been working hard towards for a very long time. Now that it feels like a season is ending & a new one beginning, what have you learned in the waiting?

Katelyn: I’ve learned that being “hidden” is a beautiful part of life and it doesn’t mean that we aren’t known. Again, to be known for certain things that we “do” is just a small part of who we are. You can’t be perfect, period. That takes too much striving and adds unnecessary stress. From that we have learned to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. I really believe that everything happens in God’s timing and you can’t rush that. We’ve waited years to put out music, so I’m pretty expectant about these songs.


I'm sure you've written many new & exciting songs to soon release in the coming months! Tell us about this debut song "Amen." 

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Katelyn: Amen is a song about all the feelings we felt when we first met leading to being married now. Derek had a guitar riff in his head when we went into the write and I wanted an upbeat jam. The co-writer, Alexa Cruse, came up with the hook “Can I get an amen…” since we met while I was singing in the church choir. We immediately loved it and the rest of the song stemmed from that. Once we got into the studio to record, we thought to bring in some friends to add a choir element, which ended up adding the final touch. We knew it was gonna be our first single. It hits you in the face.

What's next for The Dryes?

Derek: We are constantly working on new music and will be releasing more music the rest of the summer and in the fall. We love to perform live so we are booking some shows right now but waiting until the right situations line up for us to tour. We would love that!

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Ya'll we cannot get enough of The Dryes! Lots to come this year. Follow their journey: