Artist Feature | Kyle & Lauren Smith

Meet: Kyle & Lauren Smith


This month we're excited to feature two of our dear friends, Kyle & Lauren. We got the chance to ask them a few questions about songwriting and their creative process. We're so thrilled to share their story with Refinery Co. community!

  • When did you start writing songs together? How has that process changed in marriage?

We started writing songs before we started dating, and before we even knew we liked each other. It was our first year at Liberty University and the first song we wrote together was called "You Hold Me." It was one that we both needed to sing over our hearts and our lives at the time, and still means to much to us today. 

When we were dating, we mostly only wrote together, but since we've been married, we've begun co-writing with other people as well. 

  •  As a spiritual practice, how does song writing connect you as a couple to the Lord?

One of the most tangible things in the writing room is the relationship between the people in the room. As husband and wife, we know each other so deeply already when walking into the writing room - we know the heavy things that are weighing on each other's hearts, we know the specific things that we're praying for as a couple, we know what the Lord is doing in each other's lives. 

Bringing the depth of our relationship into the writing room produces a real, raw, and vulnerable posture that causes us to go deeper with each other and with the Lord. Songwriting together has given us a sacred space to spend time with the Lord and each other. 

One of the most memorable times was just this past year in our music room at home. Through that time, the Lord gave us a song, He gave us words to pray, and He gave us the healing that our hearts needed. We consider songwriting as a couple such a treasured gift that the Lord gave us.

  • What are biggest challenges in being creative as a couple?

In the creative process, often a bad idea is given a chance to get the ball rolling towards a better idea. As a married couple, we bring the honesty we have in our relationship into the writing room, and because the nature of songwriting is such an emotionally attached interaction between people, the kind of candor with each other's ideas we tend to have can be a lot to swallow.

We need to remember to walk in open-handed and that we are all working toward the same thing. At the end of it all, honesty and candor ends up bringing out the best in each other & the best in the song.

  • Define success as a songwriter.

Success is defined by what the target is. Let's say you write 100 songs and your target is to get a song on the Top 25 Christian Billboard's. If one song makes it, then that's the only "successful song."

For us, we've decided the prize in songwriting is not if the song makes an album or if hundreds of churches are singing it. The prize is the time spent with the Lord and the song that comes from it. It might be a song that no one ever hears (we have plenty of these).

If it's a song for just you and the Lord, it represents time with Him, and that's success, because time with the Lord is never wasted and always worth it. 

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